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Charlie Rae Young Provides A Natural Service for Expectant Families

June 25, 2017
As a midwife licensed in Florida, Charlie Rae Young believes that she is providing a necessary and vital service for those expectant families who would like to opt for natural childbirth, but who are often marginalized when they make that choice. She feels that it is a valid choice, given that most women who are healthy don’t need assistance to give birth, just guidance. Charlie is a graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery and she is well aware that hers is a small profession, but she is part of an even smaller subset of doulas who are openly willing to assist someone who wants to give birth at home.

In actuality, Charlie Rae Young is one of just two midwives in the entire Tampa Bay region who will offer their services in a home birthing situation. That makes her part of a rare breed. She loves every aspect of what she does and she is a strong advocate for the expansion of her profession. Charlie is excited when she sees children whose birth she attended years later, when they are school age. She also enjoys watching the midwives she trained as a partner in Barefoot Birth, the birthing business she started with a partner to change the birthing experience in Tampa. She is especially proud of those who have established strong practices that bring the best services to more families.

Charlie Rae Young sees being a midwife as bringing families together in a way that is unique and precious. She appreciates her important role in the community and hopes to continue for many years. She also hopes to transform the natural birthing process into the norm, over the over-medicalized hospital version, which includes a lot that is too expensive and possibly unnecessary for healthy pregnant women.